Kid's pad Academy

We provide language Immersion program style for students in grade K-12

Flashcards game available

Learn Books with fun

Read Chinese without the help of Pinyin

Preschoolers Ages 2-6

Beginners Ages 6-12

It is easy to get started

  1. Enroll

Enroll this our project#1 Speak Chinese in a Chinese Restaurant to get started.

  1. Start to learn

Your kids will be using Google Classroom as learning platform. The class code will be assigned once the class starts. We suggest your child will study 15-20 mins/ Day to get the results of this program.

  1. Progress is trackable.

It is project based. Each lesson builds the block of the end results. Your child will practice with customized games and activities inside the Google classroom.

Google Classroom

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Programs for Schools an Homeschools

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Project Based Learning

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About us

We are a group of teachers, and parents who believe

  1. Mandarin Chinese should be taught effectively.

2. The learning should connect kids to real world practice

3. We believe language learning is the process of acquiring the the skills including thinking, speaking and typing.

4. Kids' learning progress should be trackable for parents.