Chiwonder Level 1-3

ChiWonder Level 1-3 can for students in Grade 3-8. This curriculum helps students focus on presentation style writing and speaking. It aligns with ACTFL standard and help students to adapt in Mandarin proficiency tests such as AVANT STAMP Test and AAPL Test.

Your children will be trained to speak like the Chinese native speakers.

We believe thinking , speaking and writing/typing should be connected together.

At this level, Mandarin learners should focus on typing instead of handwriting Chinese characters.

It is very common that Mandarin learners feel very challenged to move from novice level to intermediate mid level. If your children still do not speak much Chinese after couple years of learning in some Chinese schools or programs, this is the right course for your children.

  1. There are more than 600+ words at this level.

  2. It trains students' conversation and story telling skills in Chinese.

  3. It builds up presentational writing/typing & speaking skills.

  4. Connect students' thinking, speaking and typing simultaneously.

  5. Trackable progress with assessments in Chinese vocabularies words, presentational writing and speaking.

  6. Students' reading recorded and graded.

Novice Low-Novice Mid

Lesson 1 Greetings

Lesson 2 Who is he?

Lesson 3 What is that?

Lesson 4 What is your name?

Lesson 5 Number (1)

Lesson 6 Number (2)

Lesson 7 Where (1)

Lesson 8 How much is that? (1)

Lesson 9 What time is it ? (1)

Lesson 10 Calendar (1)

Lesson 11 Calendar (1)

Lesson 12 4 Senses

Novice Mid-Novice High

Lesson 1 Express my intentions

Lesson 2 How old are you?

Lesson 3 Color and clothing

Lesson 4 My family

Lesson 5 The weather is good today

Lesson 6 I am very tall

Lesson 7 Comparison

Lesson 8 We are good friends

Lesson 9 Where (2)

Lesson 10 How do you feel?

Lesson 11 I love Sports

Lesson 12 Grocery shopping

Novice to Intermediate mid

Lesson 1 Meals and snacks

Lesson 2 Hobbies and sports

Lesson 3 Daily activities

Lesson 4 Order food in a Chinese restaurant

Lesson 5 Make a phone call

Lesson 6 Jobs

Lesson 7 Classes and subjects

Lesson 8 My house

Lesson 9 Invite friends to my house

Lesson 10 Vacation

Lesson 11 My birthday

Lesson 12 Weather and seasons

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